We recognize that any professional occupying any position in an organization should have reasonable knowledge of Microsoft® Excel.

This is especially so with individuals whose work involves dealing with numbers; such as accountants and finance professionals, data analysts, budget controllers, HR Managers.

We therefore pride ourselves in skilling the human resources of organisations to ensure they have proficiency in MS Excel. We offer the Microsoft® Excel Course from Beginners to Intermediary as well as Advanced.

Design of MS Excel Tools and Templates

We also assist organisations in designing very useful, highly customizable MS Excel Tools and Templates to automate simple processes that may not be catered for in the design of the organization’s core information/accounting systems.

Some of the Tools we have designed include;

  • Double Entry Accounting Packages – Production of all basic financials; P&L, Balance Sheet, etc
  • Financial Reporting Tools that use as inputs data exported from other systems such as QuickBooks
  • Electronic Cashbook/Cash Ledger
  • Bank Reconciliation Tools using advanced Transaction References Matching
  • Payroll Management – Payroll reconciliations and Analyses
  • Aging Templates for any form of information
  • Different forms of loan repayment calculators including those that convert from reducing balance interest to flat and vice versa,
  • Tax Returns Extractors for Regular Returns – such as VAT, PAYE, WHT, etc.
  • Inventory Trackers – Managing stock levels and tracking inventory movement
  • Complaints’ Trackers/Analyzers
  • Automation of regular finance letters e.g. instructions to banks to pay listed payments
  • Routine Task Assigners and Monitors
  • Fixed Assets Registers – tracking every asset, at any location, its working condition, depreciation, etc.
  • Leave Management & Staff Attendance Monitoring and Reporting Tools.
  • Invoice Generator Tools – Save costs on printed stationery by automating your invoices! 

We recognize that each entity (including those doing the same business!) has unique information processing needs and we listen to each entity’s “story” and customize a solution that addresses the exact specific challenges shared by the entity. Talk to us today for any Tool that you have always desired to have in your business.

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